Kroger Paystub Login

Kroger Co. lets their employees get instant notifications about their Kroger paystub through email and SMS. Along with this, Kroger Supermarket employees use the company portal to get detailed information about their paychecks. The portal is secured with login and password, users had to use the Enterprise User ID (EUID) and password to view their payment & tax details.

If you currently work there or recently stopped working at Kroger, you may need to collect your pay stub from your employer for one reason or another. Here, we’ll highlight the ways to obtain your Kroger pay stub.

What is the Kroger Paystub Portal?

Kroger paystub portal also known as the Kroger ESS (Employee Self-Services) Pay Stub Portal is an online system that allows employees of the grocery store chain to view and print their pay stubs online. The Kroger Paystub portal can be accessed using any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

A Kroger paystub can be obtained in one of two ways – either through the Kroger employee portal on the Kroger website or through the HR department at your local store.

There are a few ways that you can get your Kroger pay stub. One way is to go into your local store and ask the customer service desk for a printout of your last pay stub. Another way is to log in to the Kroger employee portal on the Kroger website.

Kroger Paystub Login

The Kroger Associates who are working in any Kroger Store can view the payroll information online by accessing the Express HR portal which is restricted to employees only. They can use their login credentials and passwords to enter the self-service login portal.

If the employees want to know about the benefit options, they have to log in to the mylifeatkroger employee benefits portal with their username and password and check the available benefits online.

Steps to access Kroger Paystubs @ ESS Kroger Portal

kroger paystub login
  1. The first thing, employees have to do is visit the official portal to check their pay slips.
  2. The official Kroger employee paystub portal is
  3. When employees visit, they will be automatically redirected to the secure web Kroger portal.

The website portal offers a full extent to provide payroll information with employee codes. The document contains pay stub details, applicable service charges, and overdraft amount, along with the employee details such as name, address, and employee code.

Also, my schedule allows the employees to view their weekly schedules online. When you download the paycheck pdf for auditing purposes, always the document will be password-protected because it contains sensitive information.

In that case, kindly use the social security number to unlock the document. If there is any unauthorized access is found, the company will take necessary disciplinary action.

User ID/Password Help

Since your employee account contains confidential financial information, you must keep your login credentials safe. Please do not give it to other people, as it compromises the safety of your account.

If there is any trouble accessing my life at Kroger, kindly go to the MyLifeAtKroger login help/FAQs page or contact the Kroger customer service or manager to assist with any support. Our website provides several guides for Kroger associates on their employment activities.

Kroger Careers – Job Search and Application

The Kroger Careers are updated regularly at the One Force and Kroger Jobs portal. Any person can apply for the job through the official Kroger website.

Learn more about the Kroger Careers – Job Search and Application here.

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Kroger Paystub Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Kroger Paystub Portal?

    Kroger paystub portal also known as the Kroger ESS Pay Stub Portal is an online system that allows employees of the grocery store chain to view and print their pay stubs. The portal can be accessed using any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

  • How do I get Kroger Paystubs?

    You can get your Kroger paystub by logging into the Kroger employee portal on the Kroger website, or by asking the employee service desk at your local store for a print out of your last paystub.

  • How to Get a Kroger Pay Stub From the HR Department?

    Follow these steps to get your Kroger to pay a stub from the HR department.

    1. Visit any Kroger store close to you or around your neighborhood.

    2. Request a printout of your most recent pay stub at the customer service desk.

    3. You’ll be given a release form to fill out. You’d provide details about your job position and a legitimate photo ID. Once this is completed, you will be given access to your pay stub.

    4. In case of inconsistencies or errors, you can choose to speak with your HR manager in charge of the Kroger store you work at.

    If that’s all you need, your pay stub will be accurately reimbursed.

  • How do I access Kroger Employee Paystub Portal?

    To access your account, go to the MyLifeAtKroger Login Portal and enter your employee ID number. Create a password for your account and then click “Login.”

  • How to change Kroger Employee Portal password?

    If you need to change your password for the Kroger employee portal, you can do so by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. Enter your employee ID number and date of birth, and then click “Submit.” You will be able to create a new password from there.

  • What if I Can’t Log in to My Kroger Account?

    If you can’t log into the account, your username ID or password is incorrect. So when you figure out which one is wrong, reset the login details to regain access to your account.

  • How to contact the Kroger Employee Service Department?

    The phone number for the Kroger employee service department contact is 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). They are available Mon – Fri, 7am – Midnight, EST Sat – Sun, 7am – 9:30pm EST.