MyLifeAtKroger User ID/Password Help

MyLifeAtKroger is one of the most successful websites that cater to the needs of the Kroger family. The brand is associated with interesting candidate referrals, with the final aim of organizing a healthy workforce. To make sure that capable individuals join the company, the process of recruitment is a little tough.

However, individuals who are already a part of MyLifeAtKroger, have their own individual Kroger employee benefits account. The website is all about creating a healthy environment for its employees and certainly, the work is carried out through this site as well.

MyLifeAtKroger User ID/Password Help

Since your employee account contains confidential financial information, you must keep your login credentials safe. Please do not give it to other people, as it compromises the safety of your account.

However, if you have forgotten your Enterprise User ID/Password, you can reset your password or retrieve your Enterprise User ID through the MyLifeAtKroger benefits portal. If you feel that someone else is using your Employee account, you need to reset your password immediately. Here’s how:

MyLifeAtKroger User ID/Password Help

Password Help

Use the password here that’s associated with your Enterprise User ID (or “EUID”). Passwords are case-sensitive, so make sure the Caps Lock on your keyboard is off. Choose one of the following two options if you wish to change or reset your password:

1: I log into other Company systems with my EUID and password:

Use the PassPort web site to manage your password. Click here to go to PassPort.  (This option will work only from your work location or from an approved remote access connection—not from your home computer.) Follow the prompts to reset your account password.

2: I do not use my EUID and password with other systems:

Click here to establish a password for the first time, reset a locked account, or pick a new password if you have forgotten it.

User ID Help

You must know your Enterprise User ID (or “EUID”) in order to log in. This is the same ID that is used for many Company systems. Contact your manager or an Information Security contact at your work location if you do not know your ID.

IDs are not case sensitive; that is, any letters in your ID may be typed as either uppercase or lowercase letters. Those who have forgotten their Enterprise User ID need to contact the Information Security department or their manager to retrieve your ID information.

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